Secret Secret



We’re often experimenting with new coffees: limited edition microlots, new regions, new blends and new roasting techniques. We do this in small batches, so the coffees don’t always make it to the general public. That’s what this secret secret coffee offer is about.

Available coffee is determined by what’s freshly roasted at the time of your order. This is a chance to be daring; to be adventurous on your coffee journey. Try it, we dare you!

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Type of roast:
It’s a secret. Somewhere between light and medium

Origin & blend:
It could be any origin. It could be any blend. A single origin coffee perhaps – who really knows…

Best served:

Tasting notes:
Chocolate, Fruity, Caramel, Stone Fruit, Berries, Unicorn Tears? You’ll have to wait and taste.


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