Colombia Decaf

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Colombia Excelso Decaf

Origin: Colombia
Typical Cup Profile: Mild acidity with a great body.  Chocolatey with fruited notes. You can expect a sweet cup with a chocolatey after-taste
Roast: Medium
Decaffeination Method: CO2




This great tasting decaf coffee is processed via the non-chemical, waste-preventative & eco-friendly CO2 decaffeination method. With 99.9% of the original caffeine content extracted, this expertly roasted, 100% Arabica coffee ensures that decaf lovers or caffeine-sensitive coffee drinkers are still able to get the best, most flavourful, single origin coffee experience.

1 review for Colombia Decaf

  1. Mitch (verified owner)

    Simply delicious ☕️
    Best enjoyed with when brewed with a moka pot.

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