Ceado E37S on-demand grinder



– Ceado E37S 83mm
– On Demand Grinder (500W)
– 1600g Hopper

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Latest generation electronics, combined with the reliability and innovation of Ceado products, has resulted in a product that keeps all the best qualities of the coffee intact.

Steady Lock Grinder
This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency.

Quick Set Gear Tech
New tech materials, same Italian craft. Quick Set Gear Tech means more precision and efficiency in the grind consistency, in one single action.

Touch display
The touchscreen display enhances the elegant design of the E37 family. There are no more buttons to press: with a simple touch, you can get where you need to be, naturally and instantly.

Silent System
The innovative mechanical suspension of the motor and the soundproofing make Ceado coffee grinders the quietest on the market.

Smart service
The anti-clogging system and the easy access to the burrs make maintenance operations simpler and less expensive in terms of time and money.

Hands-free operation
The standard portafilter catch, suitable also for the bottomless / naked models, means the coffee doses can be ground into the filter holder, leaving the barista’s hands free.



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