Secret Secret


Something different…. We often roast coffees that don't make it to the public. There are various reasons for this; We're always experimenting with different blends, different single origins and different roast degrees. Sometimes it's a little too adventurous for the espresso bar. Sometimes there's a tad too much chocolate, Or a feisty acidity that's a bit wild, A blend which had a little too much “kick”. Often we'll buy a once-off lot just because we want to try it, but have no intention of “mass producing” it – and we have a few kgs left.

Here's a chance to be a little adventurous and daring. Click the “add to cart” button and see what arrives…


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250g, 1kg


Beans, Espresso Grind, Moka Pot Grind, Plunger Grind, Filter Grind


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